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Welcome to A Runner’s Circle

Welcome to A Runner’s Circle Manila! We are a specialty running shop located on Roxas Boulevard corner Quirino Avenue, in Malate. Success in running means taking great care of your feet and carefully selecting your most important equipment—your running shoes! Our store has a great selection of running shoes, corrective insoles, and injury prevention devices. We aim to educate and guide runners in the importance of selecting the right equipment so as to avoid injuries and have the ability to enjoy running as a lifestyle. We know running, especially how much fun it can be! Our goal is to ultimately share our knowledge and expertise in the sport to the whole country. We started in Los Angeles and have been awarded Best Running Store (for the past two years) and now, we finally got the opportunity to bring what we do best back home!

With over 10 years in the running industry, we are known for our excellent customer service. Our friendly staff is composed of experienced runners, highly trained in gait analysis and shoe technology. We have our very own fitting process, proven effective from years of experience. Our staff is fully equipped to guide you in the shoe selection process to attain correct biomechanics and proper shock absorption. The right shoes are a great start, but we believe in supporting our customers all through out in every stage of the sport. We hold fun runs, conduct lectures, support running groups and teams, and promote races and running events as much as we can. Our doors are always open to runners who need our support. Be part of our community! Come see us already!

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